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BegaBiz provides specialised software consulting services backed-up by strategic partnerships with leading business software solution providers. We are absolutely committed to thoroughly understanding our clients´ needs and surpassing their expectations.

We help other businesses achieve success and efficiency via tailored solutions. Our clients include online retail, wholesale, manufacturing companies and many other diverse businesses. Our company provides CRM/ERP/e-commerce solutions and integrations with more than 100 applications.

Our Solutions

Begabiz CRM and Accounting Integration

CRM and Accounting Integration

We are specialised in CRM and accounting software integrations such as MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero. Also our data automation software can collect and import excel files from any accounting software that can export data. This integration will ensure that your business information is centralised and linked to computers, devices and applications, as a result information needs to be entered only once. This will allow you to convert prospects to customers, see the sales information within the database, view invoices and related activities on dashboards and generate powerful reports.

Begabiz Online Database Hosting  and On Premise Database Establishments

Online Database Hosting and On Premise Database Establishments

Our database solutions can be cloud or hosted on your server. This will give you, local service, security, reliability, and the best available technology including NBN and fibre connection. Relay on our well-established services, we have been hosting databases for many years and we have many happy clients.

Begabiz Digital Marketing and E-mail Broadcasting

Digital Marketing and E-mail Broadcasting

Our digital marketing solution is centralised within the CRM system. This will avoid dealing with multiple systems and updating contact sources. The system allow you to send large numbers of newsletters or promotions to your existing customers, surveys, sales/educational videos and to generate analytical reports.

Other Service Solutions

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CRM Solutions

  • Analyse client requirements
  • Design and customisation
  • Software installations and database networking
  • Project Implementation and support
  • Generate customised reports
  • Training

General Information Technology Solutions

  • Excel data formatting, export and import
  • Outlook express and MS Outlook data/email export import
  • Remote database synchronisations
  • Database and website integrations for web response and customer queries
  • Generate customer/client surveys
  • Database and phone/handheld integrations
  • E-Marketing or E-mail broadcasting for collaboration with your clients
  • SMS broadcasting
  • Accounting and ACT! CRM integration

What is a CRM system, Do I need it?

In today's competitive business landscape, businesses need the most efficient and effective way to market to, sell to, and service clients. CRM, or customer relationship management, consists of the business processes and software that enable collaboration, performance improvement, and better business visibility across all customer touch points. If customer relationships are an important asset to your business, then effective CRM strategies and software are the key to success.

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